Development Guild is a leading nonprofit consulting firm that provides innovative, data-driven services to nonprofit partners around the country. Our executive search services and nonprofit fundraising consulting practice are strategic by design and deeply rooted in experience and analysis.

A trusted partner to nonprofits

Development Guild is considered one of the best fundraising consulting and executive search firms for nonprofit organizations in the country. We have one of the highest client satisfaction rates in the industry at 96%, and we strive to always provide exceptional service to our nonprofit partners.

What differentiates Developmental Guild from others in the industry is our ability to deliver both the right talent and customized fundraising strategies required to ensure your organization’s long-lasting success. With more than 2,500 executive search and fundraising client engagements, we offer expert nonprofit counsel that you can rely upon and trust.

A powerful combination of innovation, integrity, and passion

Our ability to partner with clients in providing both the fundraising and campaign strategies and talent required for mission delivery differentiates us from all other nonprofit consulting firms.

Development Guild is one of the top nonprofit executive search firms, and we understand the importance of engaging leaders who can enact positive change. Our executive search services are based on extensive sector knowledge and years of experience. We take the time to fully understand our clients’ unique needs and requirements, dedicating our services to analyzing organizational dynamics and chemistry. This allows us to deliver an executive search process that is highly customized, effective, fair, and transparent.

Our nonprofit fundraising consulting services also aim to provide our clients with the advice and strategy needed to achieve sustainable, long-term success. At Development Guild DDI, we engage with leaders to discover the intricate relationship between vision, opportunity, and the best approach towards the practice of fundraising. We then guide our client’s investment in fundraising and build the right model and practice to achieve their most ambitious goals.

Executive Search

We recruit exceptional, mission-aligned candidates to organizations across the nonprofit spectrum and nationwide.

There are lots of search firms to choose from but when I needed to build my advancement team, I chose Development Guild. Their ability to identify and engage talent who not only have the required professional experience but are also a strong culture fit is unparalleled. I can always count on Development Guild to represent us well to candidates; I look forward to partnering with them again for future searches.

- John Malcolm, Vice President, Institutional Advancement


What is a nonprofit consulting firm?

A nonprofit consulting firm provides expert advice and services to nonprofit organizations to strengthen their overall operations and capacity for success. As a nonprofit consulting firm, Development Guild partners with organizations across the country and in every nonprofit sector. Our role at Development Guild is to look at organizations from a third-party perspective to ascertain ways in which the organization can adapt to better succeed in achieving their goals. Once we have completed an assessment of an organization’s current opportunities, challenges, and vision, our counsel focuses on providing strategic solutions and recommendations to maximize growth and success.

How much do nonprofit consulting services cost?

The cost of nonprofit consulting services depends largely on the services required and the scope of the engagement. For an accurate quotation on Development Guild’s nonprofit consulting services, please feel free to contact our expert team to discuss your unique requirements.

What services does a nonprofit consulting firm like Development Guild provide?

Development Guild provides executive search and fundraising consulting services to nonprofits nationwide. Whether you are seeking to recruit a new CEO for your nonprofit organization, build out your fundraising team, rethink your fundraising strategy, or plan and execute a successful campaign, we can help you achieve your goals and ensure lasting success.