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New Feature: Bill’s Book List Part 1

by Bill Weber

Posted July 27, 2017

Bill Weber

Bill Weber is President of Development Guild DDI. Read his bio here.

I find sharing book recommendations (without even being asked!) with colleagues, family, and friends irresistible.  My Development Guild DDI team has been encouraging me to post my recommendations (perhaps to discourage my constant bibliophile chatter?). My criteria is pretty clear: only nonfiction, I like to reread favorites, and it  could be a new book I might take on an upcoming plane ride.  Would welcome your thoughts and any suggestions for the next list…

So here goes.

Money Ball
Money Ball
By Michael Lewis

The best book about recruiting ever! It’s all about finding hidden talent (and it’s a fast baseball read too!)

Warmth of Other SunsThe Warmth of Other Suns
By Isabelle Wilkerson

Epic story of migration of African Americans from the South between 1915 and 1970.  Great synthesis of social history and biography.

The Strength of Weak TiesThe Strength of Weak Ties
By Mark Granovetter

A seminal study which invented the field of social network analysis before Mark Zuckerberg was born.

Born a Crime
By Trevor Noah

One man’s coming-of-age story; from the fall of apartheid South African to The Daily Show.

Churchill and Orwell
By Thomas Rick

It’s all about a quest for truth. And World War II is about as contemporary as I can tolerate.

By Carol Dweck

It turns out what works as effective feedback for parents and teachers also works for employers and has been used by the Boston Celtics!

The First 90 Days
By Michael Watkins

An indispensable guide for new hires getting a running start—and a must for employers too.


And, I may be sending a new list in several weeks, so if you have new suggestions,  please let me know…

Bill can be reached via email at


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