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We appreciate your interest in Development Guild DDI. You can reach us at our office by calling 800.537.9011. For specific inquiries, please see the directory below. We look forward to hearing from you!


Search services

Bill Weber


800.537.9011 x239

Fundraising and campaign services

Victoria Jones

Executive Vice President, Fundraising Practice Leader

800.537.9011 x240

For general inquiries

Susan Bragg Meurer

Senior Vice President of Marketing

800.537.9011 x225

You can also find our complete staff directory at the bottom of this page. Follow us on LinkedIn.

Staff Directory

Daniel Coffin

Director of Information Systems and Operations

Deborah Brown, MBA

Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration, Principal

Jamie Justice

Accounting and Contracts Manager

Jesenia Haynes

Executive Search Research Analyst

Karen Lieberman-Daly

Senior Vice President, Principal

Kate Michaud

Director of Staff Development

Kieran McTague

Senior Vice President and Director, New York, Principal

Olivia Milne

Associate to the Executive Vice President

Susan Bragg Meurer, M.S.

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Principal

Tracy Marshall

Senior Vice President, Principal

Victoria Jones

Executive Vice President and Fundraising Practice Leader, Principal