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June 2023 | Brockton, MA
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Health Imperatives seeks an experienced, social-justice-minded Chief Advancement Officer to grow a high-potential development program and elevate external relations efforts.

About Health Imperatives

Health Imperatives is a nonprofit community-based agency that provides health and human services to more than 20,000 families and individuals each year.

With a powerful mission to improve the health and well-being of low-income and vulnerable families and individuals in Southeastern Massachusetts (stretching from Quincy to Nantucket), Health Imperatives’ trauma-informed, inclusive services are structured around four main areas of focus and expertise:

1. Sexual and Reproductive Health Services (e.g., gender-affirming care and distribution of medication abortion); 2. Youth and Young Families Support (e.g., support for adjudicated youth and formerly incarcerated individuals); 3. WIC Nutrition Assistance (e.g., home visits to assist young parents); and 4. Services for Survivors of Violence (e.g., emergency shelters, crisis counseling, and advocacy).

Health Imperatives - mother and child at ChristmasThrough these core services and other innovative initiatives, high-quality, compassionate, and equitable care is offered to people of all races, ethnicities, sexualities, gender identities, countries of origin, and immigration statuses—particularly those who may have fallen through the cracks of mainstream health and human services. Health Imperatives remains committed to addressing healthcare disparities and serving members of under-served communities who have the greatest barriers to achieving good health, safety, and economic security. With dedication to increasing access, as well as a focus on development and implementation of new programs that address community needs, they are proud to work in partnership with clients, community-based organizations, and stakeholders to ensure a healthy, safe, strong, and empowered community.

Sexual and Reproductive Health



young woman smiling at the cameraAfter moving to Southeastern Massachusetts in 2008, Maya worked as a waitress but did not have health insurance. When she wanted a prescription for birth control, she searched for family planning clinics online and found Health Imperatives. Ever since, Maya has come to Health Imperatives for sexual and reproductive health care and is a strong advocate of preventive care. Having had a recent routine breast screening that revealed a lump, Maya knows how critical regular checkups can be. Health Imperatives’ staff helped her get additional testing and, luckily, the lump was benign. Years ago, Maya had another routine exam at Health Imperatives, which revealed a positive result for the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Further testing showed no cancerous cells. “Thankfully, it was caught early,’’ she says. “Testing like that can save lives.”

Youth and Young Families Support



Health Imperatives - BreannaWhen 18-year-old Breanna first connected with Health Imperatives, she was homeless, pregnant, and newly sober. Breanna was referred to Health Imperatives for parenting support after her son was born. During home visits, her case worker provided resources and answered her questions. She helped Breanna find a daycare center and called often to check on her. “She was a big part of my life, and she still is,’’ Breanna says. “She really cared about me and my son.” Breanna credits this support with changing her outlook on life. “When I was using drugs, I didn’t think about anything but the moment,” she admits. “I have completely changed for the better.”

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) Nutrition Assistance 



Health Imperatives - ValeriaValeria could not have imagined making a long distance move during the COVID-19 pandemic, but when her spouse, who is in the military, was transferred, that is exactly what she had to do. After a long and challenging journey, Valeria’s family arrived on Cape Cod. Valeria was concerned it would be difficult to get WIC benefits, but when she called Health Imperatives’ WIC program, she and her four-year-old child were immediately enrolled. Valeria says she appreciates the food and resources that WIC provides and is most grateful for the kindness of the WIC staff: “They said to me, if you need anything, just reach out.” Valeria was also thrilled to discover a Spanish-speaking staff person in the WIC program. “It made me feel so welcome,” she says. Valeria enjoys the nutrition education that WIC provides, especially the healthy recipes, because she likes to make nutritious meals for her family. It helps, she says, to learn about local vegetables and spices. “I love how they promote a healthy environment,” she adds. “Learning new ways for keeping my family healthy is so important.

Services for Survivors of Violence



Health Imperatives - JohannaOne night, Johanna stopped at a convenience market after a long day of work. A man jumped into her car brandishing a weapon and told her to drive. He eventually directed her down an alley where he raped her, took a photo of her identification, and threatened to hurt her and her family if she reported the crime. In the aftermath of the assault, Johanna suffered from panic attacks and depression. She could barely eat and drank alcohol to fall asleep. A friend encouraged her to seek counseling, and she scheduled an appointment with A New Day, Health Imperatives’ rape crisis program. Johanna says the counseling helped her to heal. “It was incredible to have someone truly listen and give me a safe space to say whatever I needed to say. Some people think counseling is for the weak,” Johanna says. “I say no to that. I want people to know that seeking help is for the brave.”

About Philanthropy at Health Imperatives

Having raised over $1.2M in FY22, Health Imperatives’ programs are primarily supported by state and federal contracts and health insurance reimbursements. To ensure that the organization can continue to provide specialized services and keep pace with the growing and changing demands for care, growth in private philanthropy is crucial. Increased private philanthropy will also make it possible for Health Imperatives to fully leverage government funds by strengthening support for pioneering programs and transformed systems of care, while positively informing needed changes to public policy.

Philanthropy at Health Imperatives has been growing steadily over the last few years. Recently, a comprehensive fundraising assessment revealed tremendous opportunity to deepen engagement with individuals and significantly grow major individual gifts and leadership annual gifts and build on a highly successful institutional giving program. The relevance of the Health Imperatives’ mission today more than ever is also fueling this opportunity.

About the Position

Reporting to the President/CEO, the Chief Advancement Officer (CAO) will lead fundraising at Health Imperatives. In collaboration with a dedicated team and the opportunity to build and manage three full-time staff members, the CAO will ensure that sound and efficient fundraising systems and best practices are in place, providing a firm foundation from which a robust institutional giving program can continue to expand and the potential of individual giving (from major donors, the Board, and annual and planned gift donors) can be realized.

Working in close partnership with the President/CEO, the Chief Advancement Officer will also strengthen communications and targeted messaging, raising and broadening brand awareness by fully and very strategically leveraging media relations. The CAO will actively identify and creatively initiate opportunities for Health Imperatives to be the go-to source in providing valuable thought leadership in reducing health and wealth disparities by providing meaningful opportunities for all, especially those impacted by violence, poverty, systematic racism, and discrimination.

Key Responsibilities

  • Serve as a member of the 4-person senior leadership team and as a key resource and engaged partner to the President/CEO.
  • Prepare and oversee execution of an annual fundraising plan to include both individual and institutional giving strategies and programs, as well as stewardship and development operations.
  • Develop and implement a dynamic and strategic communications plan to elevate Health Imperatives’ brand identity, broadening awareness and increasing visibility.
  • Build relationships with diverse constituencies (both internal and external, colleagues, the media, and donors), devoting significant time to engaging in person.
  • Shape, build, and lead a team of three full-time direct reports (currently including consultants focused on grants, communications & marketing, and individual giving, as well as a Development Associate).
  • Work closely with the Program team to prepare compelling fundraising proposals/case for support.
  • Manage a portfolio of ~75 individual major donor/planned gift/annual leadership prospects and top foundation prospects as needed.
  • Collaborate with the President/CEO in managing their individual major gift prospect portfolio.
  • Steward and deepen relationships with the Board, soliciting each member annually.
  • Staff the Board Development Committee.
  • Work to bolster donor relations to best in class.

Key Qualifications

  • Thought-leader with a keen sense of urgency who is passionately committed to the mission of Health Imperatives, social justice, and equality.
  • Minimum 10 years of senior-level and comprehensive development experience at a nonprofit organization; experience working in the health and human services sector preferred.
  • Confident, strategic, and innovative big thinker who is organized, can multi-task, and is able to successfully delegate.
  • Demonstrated record of securing five- to seven-figure gifts from individuals and adept at Board relations.
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written, including persuasive writing ability and public-speaking and presentation skills.
  • Experienced manager and highly relational “people person” with facility to engage diverse constituencies (both internal and external).
  • Media savvy with considerable experience overseeing a successful marketing & communications department.
  • Flexible and positive with an innate sense of humor.
  • Collaborative, enthusiastic, creative, and solutions oriented.
  • Energetic, diligent worker, comfortable with accountability.
  • Ability to spend considerable time onsite meeting with colleagues and willingness to travel regularly to meet with donors in person.
  • Familiarity with the philanthropic landscape in Southeastern Massachusetts or the Greater Boston Area is a plus.

Health Imperatives - Brockton Pride 2021Health Imperatives is a safe and welcoming place for people from every race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, and faith. At Health Imperatives, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are at the core of the organization and are central to their mission and impact.

Health Imperatives wants to create an inclusive culture where all forms of diversity are seen, and all employees feel valued, appreciated, and free to be who they are at work. The mission is to align diversity & inclusion to employees, the communities served, customers, and suppliers.

Health Imperatives’ many DEI Initiatives and Actions include:

  • Defining diversity, equity and inclusion for our organization and using our shared language to advance our understanding.
  • Committing to attracting and retaining a diverse staff.
  • Designing a strategic, comprehensive, and systematic approach to cultural transformation.
  • Building a solid foundation and an organizational structure that supports DEI.
  • Creating a Diversity Calendar to recognize diversity-related national holidays.
  • Creating a workforce development program, where clients can apply to open Health Imperatives positions.

If you are interested in being considered for this search, please use the form below or email your cover letter and resume in confidence to:

Lynn Shevory

Senior Consultant

Development Guild DDI

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