With the fall season quickly approaching, we wanted to share with you some of the interesting work that has kept us busy over the summer months, including news from our fundraising clients, recent search placements, and current open searches.

On behalf of all of us here at Development Guild DDI, we are grateful for the continued opportunity to work with all of our extraordinary clients and look forward to a productive fall.

Best regards,

Bill Weber



We are pleased to announce the recent placement of the following leaders:

  Robin Elkins

Robin Elkins

Vice President for Development

New England Aquarium

  Danielle Degnan

Danielle Degnan

Chief Development Officer

National Coast Guard Museum


Click the links below to read full position announcements for our current and recently completed searches.


Recently Completed Searches

View our recently completed searches on our website.


Current Searches

Academic Medicine

Boston Children’s Hospital Trust

Mount Sinai Health System

Arts, Culture, and Museums

French Cultural Center

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Environment and Conservation

Emerald Necklace Conservancy

Woods Hole Research Center


Catholic Near East Welfare Association

Health and Science

The Genesis Foundation for Children

Partners in Health


Higher Education

Simmons College

University of Rhode Island

Human Services & Social Justice

Children’s Trust Massachusetts

Fountain House

The Learning Center for the Deaf

Pine Street Inn

Sophia Snow House

YMCA Greater Boston

Independent Schools

The Learning Center for the Deaf

Miss Hall’s School

View our currently open searches on our website.



CASE District 1 Conference and Key Decision Makers Forum upcoming on Jan 27-29

STEM is an interdisciplinary and applied approach to educating students in [S]cience, [T]echnology, [E]ngineering, and [M]athematics. As big advocates for STEM, we love to share stories of our current and former clients putting the practice into action for their own constituents. Here’s a few great examples from the Museum of Science, Boston, Barnard College, Miss Hall’s School, the U.S. Coast Guard Museum, Simmons College (pictured left), and St. Mary’s High School. These organizations are investing critical resources in preparing students for success in an increasingly technological world. Learn more about these initiatives at our website.


ON OUR MIND (or rather on Bill’s mind!)

CASE District 1 Conference and Key Decision Makers Forum upcoming on Jan 27-29

Development Guild DDI President Bill Weber recently gave us his updated essential reading list. Surprise, surprise, a book about baseball tops the list. (Hint: it’s Michael Lewis’ Moneyball, and one could argue that it’s really about the power of hidden talent). Check out the complete list at our website. And if you have any recommendations simply reply to this email and your message will go right to Bill.


Sticking with the baseball theme, we’re looking to sign some new talent! If you or someone you know are an experienced fundraiser or recruiter with an appetite to work with our diverse and extraordinary clients, please contact us.  We’re hiring fundraising and search consultants in Boston and New York.  Full position announcements can be found at our website.

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