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For 45 years, Development Guild DDI has partnered with nonprofit organizations nationwide to achieve their most ambitious goals. Whether you need new talent, fundraising or campaign solutions, or strategic counsel, we can help.

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Development Guild is a leading nonprofit consulting firm that provides innovative, data-driven services to nonprofit partners around the country. Our executive search services and nonprofit fundraising consulting practice are strategic by design and deeply rooted in experience and analysis.

Strategy Services

Strategy is embedded in all of our services. For projects big or small, we deploy our innovative tools and teams with a diversity of experience to assess and develop unique, data-driven plans to execute your vision.

Executive Search

Recruit exceptional, mission-aligned candidates to your organization. As our client, you gain access to a growing pool of strong relationships with organizations across the nonprofit spectrum and nationwide.

Campaigns & Fundraising

Drive fundraising strategies and opportunities from vision and metrics to dollars raised and missions achieved.

Independent School

Los Angeles, CA

Development Guild took the time to get to know our school and its culture. Our slate of candidates was highly qualified and diverse in a very competitive market. The DG team was thoughtful, responsive, and vested in finding the best candidate for our school, and that is what we got!

- Jennifer Ciccarello, Head of School


What is a nonprofit consulting firm?

A nonprofit consulting firm provides strategic advice and services to nonprofit organizations to strengthen their overall operations and capacity for success. As a nonprofit consulting firm, Development Guild partners with organizations across the country and in every nonprofit sector. Our role at Development Guild is to consider organizations from a third-party perspective to discover ways in which the organization can adapt to better succeed in achieving their goals. Driven by our assessment of an organization’s current opportunities, challenges, and vision, our counsel provides strategic solutions and recommendations to maximize growth and success.

How much do nonprofit consulting services cost?

The cost of nonprofit consulting services depends largely on the services required and the scope of the engagement. For an accurate quotation on Development Guild’s nonprofit consulting services, please feel free to contact our expert team to discuss your unique requirements.

What services does a nonprofit consulting firm like Development Guild provide?

Development Guild provides executive search and fundraising consulting services to nonprofits nationwide. Whether you are seeking to recruit a new CEO for your nonprofit organization, build out your fundraising team, rethink your fundraising strategy, plan and execute a successful campaign, or establish an operational plan, we rely on our team’s expert guidance, strong relationships, and tested strategies to achieve your goals and ensure lasting success.