Wei Wei

Wei Wei

Director of Product

Phone Number:

800.537.9011 x302

Wei believes that the most powerful technology transforms entrepreneurial concepts into new products & services. As our Senior UX Designer, Wei draws upon his past as a multimedia artist and design thinker to build interactive software that understands our clients’ needs and meets them. Prior to joining our team, Wei worked at Bell Labs, a global research center, where his interest in data science and cognitive UX was fostered, and at the Parsons School of Design, where he co-taught a course on how UX intersects with artificial intelligence.

Wei has won awards for his interactive design projects, including the Cancer Game, a computational game which allows users to investigate the symptoms and causes of cancer, and Mood Machine, a multimedia interactive installation that explores the possibility of machines exhibiting human emotions. Wei holds a B.A. in Art Design from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. In his free time, he enjoys listening to jazz – along with design and data, it’s one of his great passions!

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