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Accomplishment List™: An Essential Resume Supplement

by Bill Weber

Posted September 7, 2017

Here’s a tool we created which adds depth and texture to the interview process.

We often ask candidates to write a brief (two to three page) narrative describing four to six examples of major accomplishments. We find that our best candidates relish the Accomplishment List, as the exercise allows them to demonstrate relevant skills and experiences and expand on strategic and creative work they have done, while weaker candidates resist and/or their product reveals their limitations.

It’s an adaptable tool; we specify the request for types of accomplishments appropriate for the position, e.g. board development, community engagement, major solicitation. We generally request this exercise after a candidate has advanced from a first-round interview, and ask for a four to five day turnaround. Of course, due to the nature of the content, confidentiality and use of aliases is emphasized.

Beyond an expansion on their successes, this exercise serves as a wonderful writing sample, and provides insight to the candidate’s strategic mindset in their presentation and choice of accomplishments listed.

Download an example of a Accomplishment List™ request we might send to a candidate as a Microsoft Word Document.

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