A Day With Fundraising Professionals

Posted July 3, 2024

We were honored to sponsor and attend this year’s Association of Fundraising Professionals Fundraising Day in New York. Our staff enjoyed connecting with New York’s fundraising professionals at our booth, in roundtable discussions and sessions, and at our happy hour. It was a full day! Discover what our team was up to:

Theresa Leinker, Vice President of Fundraising, led a roundtable on Recruitment and Retention in Fundraising Roles.

Matthew Weber, CEO, and Guirlaine Belizaire, Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, led a panel session titled “Live-Polling the Present: Harnessing Real-Time Insights for Fundraising in 2024.” This interactive session engaged participants and panelists in solving current issues in real-time using live polling, analytics, and cutting-edge AI. They were joined by:

Matthew Weber speaking at AFP Fundraising Day Panelists speaking at AFP Fundraising Day NY

Complimentary Interactive AI Strategy Session

Matthew Weber at AFp Fundraising Day NY

Matthew Weber presenting at AFP Fundraising Day in New York

In Matthew Weber’s introduction to keynote speaker Jennifer Jones-Austin, CEO/Executive Director FPWA, he announced our new AI tool:

“We’ve invented a new way of doing [strategic planning]… STRATEGY AI. Unlike traditional strategic planning:

  • It is SUPER FAST: You can accomplish in an afternoon what would otherwise take SIX MONTHS
  • It is REMARKABLY AFFORDABLE: It is 1% of the cost of traditional strategic planning
  • It is REMARKABLY INCLUSIVE: We’ve built this from the ground up so that EVERYONE’s voice can be included
  • And it was BUILT FOR FUNDRAISERS: It has appeals built right into it.”

We are offering complimentary 1-hour AI strategy sessions. To get started, please select a time that works best for a quick introductory call, and I’ll send you a calendar invite to secure our meeting. During this call, I’ll discuss our new strategic AI platform, learn more about your needs, and schedule a time for you and your team to work through your real-life challenges using our strategic AI.

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