Nonprofit Fundraising and Campaign Consulting

Philanthropy fuels vision. We power philanthropy.

Philanthropy is one of the most powerful drivers of mission – a way to create change, raise the bar, and sustain programs with extraordinary impact on society. With our fundraising, campaign and interim management services, you will maximize the synergy between your vision, philanthropic opportunity, and the talent and practice of fundraising.

Our nonprofit fundraising consulting begins with questions.

  • What mission goals are you trying to achieve and why?
  • Where will philanthropy make a critical difference?
  • What is your current strategy and how do we adjust it to meet market dynamics?
  • What data can we leverage to achieve your goals?
  • What metrics will help us adjust our strategy along the way?
  • How much do you need to raise?
  • What talent and investments will it take?
  • In other words:  Under what conditions are you most likely to succeed?

Your answers, and an assessment of the existing data and resources available to your organization, shape our nonprofit fundraising consulting work. Together, we will identify and address the conditions necessary to get to the optimal philanthropic position, to guide your investment in fundraising, and build the right model and practice for you.

You will work with a team whose strategic recommendations are influenced by best practice models of fundraising, relevant new ideas, skills in data analytics, contemporary knowledge of metrics, firsthand experience, and a fresh perspective. Our relationships with executive leaders, chief development officers, and Board members further inform our knowledge around what opportunities and tactics create the strongest, most sustainable philanthropic practice. We learn every day and we apply that learning to you.

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How can we help you?

For 45 years, Development Guild DDI has partnered with nonprofit organizations nationwide to achieve their most ambitious goals. Whether you need new talent, fundraising or campaign solutions, or strategic counsel, we can help.

Interested in becoming a candidate?

Provide us with some context, and we will connect you with the right consultant.

Development Guild’s industry knowledge and philanthropic expertise were critical to the success of our fundraising planning. The data driven program created provided our staff and Trustees with confidence in our path forward, knowing that we are well positioned to achieve our goals. Working with Development Guild has been a very positive experience.

- Ginine Mohamad-Cilenti, Executive Director

The leadership and knowledge Development Guild has provided as our campaign consultant has been nothing short of excellent. Their team is curious, thoughtful, and accountable. Early in our work together, they gained the trust of our Campaign Committee who rely on them for expert advice and counsel. We are grateful for the structure they have helped us to create and the tools they have given us. We’re also grateful to them for their partnership.   

- Pam Tatge, Director

Development Guild DDI — expert nonprofit fundraising and consulting services

If you’re looking for professional fundraising services to help strengthen your philanthropic program, strategy, and staffing and/or plan and guide your campaign, consider engaging a  nonprofit fundraising consultant. As providers of nonprofit fundraising consulting services to nonprofits in every sector and nationwide, we draw upon years of experience and talent, with a passionate team ready to help you achieve your most ambitious fundraising goals.

Whether you’re looking for some big-picture strategy and high-level guidance, a dedicated and tailored plan, or even interim management as you recruit a new fundraising leader to your team, you can rest assured that our team will meet you where you are and help chart a path to the future you’re seeking. As partners, we’ll work together to build the best strategy to create your desired outcome — and ensure long-lasting and sustained success.


What makes a successful fundraising campaign?

Planning and outcome. By managing your expectations and building a feasible plan for success, you are priming yourself for a successful campaign. At Development Guild DDI, our expert fundraising services team will work with you to make sure you tick all the boxes to achieve your desired results.

What is the difference between campaign services vs. fundraising counsel?

At Development Guild DDI, we offer both campaign services and fundraising counsel.

  • Campaign services

Our campaign services aim to transform both your mission and your fundraising practice as a whole. From the campaign feasibility and planning stage to implementation and management, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. Our team takes the role of analyst, strategist and eventually, management as you build the capacity and momentum to run most aspects of the campaign on your own.

  • Fundraising counsel

Our fundraising counsel involves a wide range of strategic and tactical services. This includes the following:

  • Audit and assessment of your program or a single practice in your institution
  • Design and implementation of a major gift and annual giving program
  • Prospect research, data analysis and management
  • Volunteer coaching

In essence, we’ll provide the necessary training and recommendations to facilitate positive change in your organization and program as a whole. We’ll play the role of strategist, analyst, practitioner, coach, trainer, and if necessary, interim staff.

If you are seeking nonprofit fundraising consulting to take your development program to the next level, reach out to us today.