Fundraising SERVICES

Philanthropy fuels vision. We power philanthropy.

We know philanthropy is one of the most powerful drivers of mission – a way to create change, raise the bar, and sustain programs with extraordinary impact on society. At Development Guild DDI, we engage with leaders to find the synergy between vision, philanthropic opportunity, and the talent and practice of fundraising.

We begin with questions.

  • What mission goals are you trying to achieve and why?
  • Where will philanthropy make a critical difference?
  • How much do you need to raise?
  • What talent and investments will it take?
  • In other words:  Under what conditions are you most likely to succeed?

Your answers shape our work. Together, we will identify and address the conditions necessary to get to the optimal philanthropic position, to guide your investment in fundraising, and build the right model and practice for you.

To each of our clients, we bring a team with best practice models of fundraising, relevant new ideas, firsthand experience, and a fresh perspective. Our relationships with executive leaders, chief development officers, and Board members further inform our knowledge around what opportunities and tactics create the strongest, most sustainable philanthropic practice. We learn every day and we apply that learning to you.

I believe deeply that the true measure of our success as fundraising and campaign consultants lies in that of our client’s. They tell us over and over again that the degree to which we both design effective strategy because we “get” them and we partner with them literally on the ground as they implement is what propels them to succeed. This is our intent and the mark we make.

- Victoria Jones, Executive Vice President and Fundraising Practice Leader

Read Victoria’s latest article: The Corporate Philanthropy of Tomorrow.

Development Guild has been our trusted partner for well over 20 years. We have worked together on two successful fundraising campaigns – and are now launching our third, and most ambitious, campaign together. We have also partnered on numerous searches for C-suite and fundraising staff. These collaborations have contributed significantly to Pine Street’s evolution as the leader in efforts to end homelessness in Boston. Much like Pine Street, Development Guild strives for excellence. In search, their understanding of our culture, deep marketplace knowledge and access to top candidates has resulted in new staff who have an impact on day-one. In fundraising, each of our campaigns, and our work to sustain and grow our philanthropy in between campaigns, has benefited significantly from Development Guild’s strategic approach. But, perhaps the most intangible but critical aspect of our partnership is the deep trust we have in their commitment to our values and mission.

- Lyndia Downie, President and Executive Director

Development Guild was an incredible campaign partner for us. Our goal was quite audacious for us; Development Guild helped us maintain our footing and our confidence throughout. From building strong infrastructure to providing thoughtful prospect strategy, we were very clear that Development Guild was with the Museum every step of the way.

- Leah Giles, Director of Advancement