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C-Suite Searches for Nonprofits

Every C-level leader has the potential to transform an organization for the better.

Recruiting a C-level executive is a pivot point for any mission-driven organization. Development Guild DDI understands how individual professionals and collective teams can advance both your organization’s mission and its leadership within the field. This is particularly true for organizations seeking eminently qualified and talented candidates in fundraising, finance, communications, and other specialized areas who may not be actively in the job market. Whether your organization is seeking a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Development Officer, Vice President of Advancement, or Director of Communications, we perform a thoughtful and thorough opportunity assessment that shapes and translates a client’s needs and expectations into a robust promotion of the opportunity that attracts stellar candidates. Our deep sector knowledge – which spans education, academic medicine, social justice, the arts, and more – informs our understanding of the issues and demands facing top-level leaders, and positions us to identify and engage truly inspiring candidates.

Development Guild DDI is known throughout the nonprofit sphere for recruiting senior leaders who are fully prepared to energize their colleagues and catalyze their bold vision. The proven approach we employ to recruit and place executive leaders creates follow-on benefits when those leaders go on to recruit team members at the vice president and director level.

Working with Development Guild DDI felt like a partnership, and we were impressed with Development Guild’s ability to adapt and keep the search on track. We are grateful for the team’s accountability, timely and transparent communication and ability to represent St. Louis Children’s Hospital with some of the best academic medical fundraising professionals throughout North America. We are very pleased with the outcome of the search for the new leader for our ambitious development program.

- Joan Magruder, Former President

Development Guild was a trustworthy and supportive partner in our recruitment of a new Chief Development Officer. Because they took the time to understand our mission and organization, and were committed to efficiency and clear communication, we always felt confident in the search process. We knew we were in good hands. Thanks to their partnership, we have welcomed a talented fundraising leader to our organization.

- Phil Duffy, President

We hired Development Guild DDI for the first time to conduct our search for a Vice President for Advancement. We had done a number of senior development searches over the years, and the pool of candidates Development Guild presented was, by far, the best we had ever seen. Any of the three finalists could have been an excellent hire.

- Stephen Hannabury, Former Executive Vice President

Partnering with Development Guild on our search for a Vice President of Advancement & External Affairs was a wonderful experience. Their team was smart, incredibly focused, and a joy to work with. They played a critical role in helping us structure the position, and they truly understood the kind of candidates that would succeed here. Their insights were invaluable. We felt prepared and supported from beginning to end.   

- Liz Vizza, President

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