Knowledge. Innovation. Collaboration.
Integrity. Accountability. Passion.


Development Guild DDI is a leading consulting firm that provides executive search, fundraising counsel, and campaign services to nonprofit organizations.  We bring a powerful combination of discipline and innovation to every client engagement, delivering solutions that are both strategic and deeply rooted in experience and analysis.

Drawing upon more than 2,500 client engagements and 40 years working in every nonprofit sector, our collaborative approach is distinguished by candid dialogue and supported by cutting-edge technology. We commit to understanding and respecting your unique culture and to translating that knowledge into viable solutions.

When we decided to invest in an executive search firm, we wanted to make sure that they would understand and appreciate our opportunity, our culture, and the unique aspects of health research. Development Guild was committed to doing exactly that. Their excellent staff were reliable partners from beginning to the successful end, and we are very pleased to be welcoming a talented Chief Development Officer to our team.


- Meghan Gutierrez, CEO

Because Development Guild counseled us on our $40M capital campaign, they knew us well and understood the kind of leader we needed in a Vice President for Institutional Advancement. The Development Guild team was fantastic; they always helped us anticipate new developments and kept us fully informed throughout the search. They were easy to work with and fit in beautifully with our team. They could not have done a better job! 

- Toni Hays, President