Interim Fundraising Management


Strategic talent is the key to fundraising success. While you seek new leadership, or build out a new program or team, we can provide direction and oversight to your fundraising staff. Our interim management services can be offered in conjunction with our fundraising search services or as a stand-alone service.


How can we help you?

For 45 years, Develoment Guild DDI has partnered with nonprofit organizations nationwide to achieve their most ambitious goals. Whether you need new talent, fundraising or campaign solutions, or strategic counsel, we can help.

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Our team is composed of senior leaders with firsthand experience directing and managing fundraising teams; because of this, we can participate on the ground with your staff in the implementation of the work at hand. Interim management services including partnering with your President/CEO to define priorities and goals, representing your team with senior colleagues, partnering with team leaders to develop strategy, and providing advice to individual staff members and/or teams. We have adapted our interim management services to function successfully in a fully remote work environment. You can expect our team to accomplish the following while virtual:

  • Partner with your President/CEO to define priorities and goals
  • Represent your team with senior colleagues
  • Partner with team leaders to develop prospect strategy
  • Provide advice to individual staff members and/or teams
  • Manage you team and fundraising program, if desired
  • Lead weekly meetings with staff members and leadership
  • Attend committee meetings, as needed
  • Deliver monthly progress reports
  • Provide best practice recommendations

Throughout the engagement, your leadership will be kept informed and engaged as we triage workflow and set and maintain a schedule of deliverables.

Our clients appreciate our nimbleness, which is possible because of the way that we assemble our consulting teams, the deep relationships we form, and the commitment we share to our clients’ visions. As you experience a time of transition, engage a partner who can provide stability and continued results.

Keep your fundraising goals on track and your organization operating strategically, even during times of transition. Whether you’re taking your time to fill a crucial position or looking to manage a fundraising shortfall, our interim fundraising management can help.

Fundraising project management to keep up with your goals

Temporary gaps in your leadership team, major appeals, and events can pose a challenge for your organization. With expert interim fundraising management, you can seamlessly manage transitions, strengthen your internal team and ensure that new additions to the team can be onboarded without missing a beat. Development Guild’s fundraising management consultants are on hand to step in during periods of change, no matter how long that period may be.

The benefits of interim fundraising management

Our team has years of experience in senior management and is uniquely equipped to support your leadership team as they steer your institution. We believe your capacity to raise funds, maintain relationships with your donors and continuously upskill your existing talent shouldn’t be hindered by a temporary hiring gap. And with help from our fundraising management consultants, it doesn’t have to be.

Our consultants will work with your team to mentor staff and reinforce your institution’s values and desired impact — leaving you time to focus on attracting and retaining a permanent candidate for your leadership position without sacrificing your institution’s goals.

As well as providing essential support to keep your committee, board or leadership team running smoothly and effectively, Development Guild will assist your team in recruitment. Our nonprofit executive job searches match talented individuals with organizations where they can have the most impact. Whether you operate in health and science, education, the arts, environmental welfare, social enterprise, social justice, or in a faith-based organization, our team will help you find the right hire that aligns with your values, culture, and vision for the future.

Is it time to hire an interim fundraising manager?

If you need experienced support while you search for your next fundraising professional, CEO, or C-suite hire, Development Guild has the mentorship, expertise, and support you need. Our fundraising management consulting services help you stay on track as you search for your next great hire.

Our data-driven insights help you manage both old and new relationships within and outside of your organization. We’ll handle uncertain transition periods with a clear strategy and commitment to your values, from new revenue streams to existing donors and staff to board trustees. If you’re ready to give your organization the stability it needs to grow into its next phase, contact us today and see what’s possible.

Discover how the interim management we provided the Museum of Arts and Design allowed for a seamless transition for their newly-hired Vice President.

I have worked with many search firms in the past and my recent experience with Development Guild far surpassed all previous engagements. While Development Guild conducted our search for a Director of Development, they also provided interim fundraising counsel. Development Guild assessed staff performance, provided detailed guidelines and expectations for success, and facilitated effective group training. Most importantly, their counsel put a strong structure in place, which set up our team—and the new Director of Development—for success.

- Elisabeth Saxe, Chief Development Officer

We initially retained Development Guild to provide fundraising counsel and campaign planning services, as well as conduct the search for our new Vice President of Institutional Advancement. Their staff listened well and adapted to our culture, consistently delivering high-quality assessments and recommendations. They drew upon the knowledge they gleaned about our institution from providing fundraising counsel to deliver excellent candidates during the search. As a result, we have a talented new Vice President and a firm understanding of what needs to be done to achieve our philanthropic goals.

- Richard Lapidus, President