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There is tremendous attention today – in every community around the country – to bridging the divide between education and poverty, to the quality of teachers and educational leaders and classroom learning, to ensuring students do not fall behind as we navigate an altered educational landscape, and to making access to better education possible for all - whether in-person or virtually.

Recent years have underscored the inequities that exist in our education system. Thankfully, there are a great many nonprofits seeking to solve these problems and take their ideas to scale – and individual and corporate philanthropy sits right at the epicenter of the dialogue. With public schools in most urban cities woefully underfunded and serving families who lack the resources to make alternative educational choices, philanthropy can move the needle as much, if not more, in this sector than any other. With our counsel, education advocates and social enterprise organizations have raised more money, diversified their philanthropic strategies, recruited talent that can do the same, and built more effective systems to future-proof their organizations in anticipation of continued change.

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Our Education Advocacy Clients

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