Celebrating Karen Lieberman-Daly

A Career of Impact and Inspiration

Posted July 10, 2024

On June 28th, Karen Lieberman-Daly retired from Development Guild after 35 years. Her dedication, vision, and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in shaping the success of Development Guild. We are incredibly grateful for the lasting impact she has made on all of us. Karen’s unwavering passion and leadership have left an indelible mark on our organization, inspiring us to continue striving for greatness.

As we reflect on Karen Lieberman-Daly’s impact on Development Guild, a few key contributions come to mind:

  • Karen was the driving force behind the creation of our strategic leadership group, “The Principals.”
  • Her expertise in program, capital, and endowment campaign fundraising played a pivotal role in developing our campaign model.
  • Her long-standing work with Pine Street Inn has led to multiple successful campaigns and sustainable growth for the organization.

Below, you can read our staff’s memories of Karen’s time at Development Guild…

Karen Suzi and Bill“When I think of Karen, I think if her big ideals and goals, her incredible achievements, her entrepreneurial insights, her courage, and loyalty. Through Development Guild, Karen has helped each person she worked with and each of her clients to achieve more, to embrace and deliver on ambitious goals – causing tremendous good to happen. I am eternally grateful to her. Thank you, Karen!!  You have dazzled me for decades.”

Suzi Weber, Co-Founder

Karen and Suzanne“Our fundraising practice is strong because of the foundation you built, and I am forever grateful that you suggested I join the firm. I will always remember your determination, your persistence, your masterfulness, and your important voice. Congratulations and all best wishes in retirement.”

Suzanne Battit, Chief of Fundraising Strategy & Services, Principal

Taranta Dinner“Karen, you are the gold standard of leaders: your strategic perspective, your transparency, your advocacy, your understanding, and your ability to push people to meet their full potential.

Your mentorship will leave an indelible mark on my career and on my life. And I know I will be channeling my inner Karen when I push my clients – and myself – to think bigger and be bolder!”

Tara DiDomenico, Senior Consultant


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