How to Form a Long-Term Relationship with an Executive Recruiter

by Tracy Marshall

Posted August 25, 2020

As your career develops, the chances of crossing paths with an executive recruiter increases. Forming a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with an executive recruiter can be key to career advancement. Once a recruiter gets to know you, they can present you with new opportunities to consider that fit your profile and track record. Executive recruiters can also provide background information on client organizations regarding culture, leadership, and vision to be sure that the potential “fit” would be there for you. And perhaps most importantly, a good recruiter will also help protect the confidentiality of your search.

So, what is best practice when it comes to interacting with executive recruiters? How can you ensure that the relationships you build with them are long-term and mutually beneficial? Consider these four key strategies:

Do Your Homework and Be Considerate

If you are speaking with an executive recruiter about a position, it’s imperative that you have done your homework before the meeting. Be able to speak clearly to your interest, relevant experience, and knowledge about the organization and position. Not only does this increase your chances of further consideration for the position, it shows you are respectful of the recruiter’s time. Additionally, following your meeting, reach out to the recruiter to thank them for meeting with you. Remember, impressing the recruiter is just as important as impressing the potential employer!


Return Our Calls

It’s likely that you won’t be interested in every position that an executive recruiter reaches out to you about. However, even when this is the case, you should still return the recruiter’s call or e-mail. Let us know you’re not interested but appreciate being thought of, and even better, if you believe any of your connections may be suited for the position, please refer them. What goes around comes around, and recruiters always appreciate and stay connected to candidates who are responsive, communicative, and helpful!


Be Transparent

If an executive recruiter decides to present you to the client organization, they are vouching for you. That’s why it’s critical that you be transparent and honest about your interests, experience, credentials, and salary/benefit needs throughout the search process. Ultimately, it benefits no one to conceal or misrepresent this information.


Stay in Contact

Don’t hesitate to be proactive. Reach out to us with updates to your resume, new achievements that could make you eligible for a new role, job changes so we can track your career, and information about what you are seeking in your next career move. We can help you evaluate your skills and position you appropriately in the marketplace. By staying in contact, you help us keep you in mind for potential openings of interest, which in turn, helps you enjoy a dynamic and fulfilling career path.

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- Tracy Marshall, Senior Vice President

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