Social enterprise nonprofits bring innovative business practices to solve the most pressing issues facing the nation and world.

With philanthropic attention from foundations, corporations, and business leaders on the rise, so too is the need of these organizations to grow and diversify their resources as they become less and less dependent on their angel funders. By the very nature of their mission, our social enterprise clients expect their consulting partners to be as they are – creative, ambitious, and nimble. We bring a metric-driven approach with the right balance of new ideas and conventional best practice and the highest possible level of talent with an equal measure of mission passion. We have recruited inspiring chief fundraisers in established and emerging social enterprise organizations, and we have helped scale their growth by dramatically increasing their philanthropic support, creating innovative approaches to fundraising, and helping balance national/regional fundraising models.

Social Enterprise Clients

  • Design of a fundraising plan to align national and regional strategies and recruited executive level fundraiser to prepare for dramatic scale up.

  • Development of a philanthropic plan to double revenue model in support of ambitious new growth.

  • Comprehensive fundraising assessment in parallel with a search for a Vice President of Strategic Growth and Development.

  • Fundraising counsel and executive search for both c-level and professional talent supporting organization’s ability to dramatically scale up.

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