How involved are your stakeholders in achieving your organization’s mission?

Are you taking full advantage of their insights in developing your strategic long-term vision?

How might you seize on the commitment of your constituents to achieve mission delivery (and increase your fundraising while doing so)?

Nonprofits play a critical role in driving change to improve our world. Using our Collective Intelligence platform, you can harness the wisdom of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of your constituents to build a collective vision for how to tackle some of your organization’s (and humanity’s) biggest challenges, such as…climate change, bridging the opportunity gap, access to mental health services, food and water security, the rising cost of higher education, civil rights, and affordable healthcare, to name just a few. 

In less than a day, you can develop highly-detailed and informed solution with our platform. You can then drill down and see who developed which parts of the idea sets – enabling you to identify and engage your stakeholders in more meaningful ways than ever before.  Not only are you developing innovative ideas to help advance your organization’s mission, you are also connecting with your constituents in a unique and powerful way.

The bottom line: our platform helps you create plans for big, strategic changes and engage your constituents while doing so. Intrigued?

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