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July 2022 | Remote, US
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American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem seeks an Executive Director to lead and grow the organization while also serving as lead ambassador for and sharing a deep commitment to the organization’s mission and values.

About American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Children working on a projectIn 1988, at the time of the first Palestinian Intifada, Episcopal leaders in the U.S. and Jerusalem saw the need to offer sustained support to the humanitarian institutions owned and operated by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem.  

From this, the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ) was created, dedicated to educating Americans about the Christian witness of the Diocese of Jerusalem in the Holy Land and raising financial support for schools, hospitals, and centers for children with disabilities in Palestine, Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon. These institutions serve everyone, irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, or ability to pay. As a nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization, AFEDJ builds hope for all in the Holy Land. The Christian values of equity, justice, and respect for the dignity of all are at the heart of the organization’s efforts.

In addition to 27 parishes, the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem owns and operates more than two dozen humanitarian institutions.  AFEDJ helps to fund and sustain these ministries that provide opportunities for children with disabilities, access to comprehensive and quality healthcare, educational equity for girls and young women, programs supporting youth empowerment and employability, and programs that develop young people to become the next generation of leaders in the region. 

More than 30 years since its founding, AFEDJ’s partnership with the Diocese of Jerusalem’s Archbishop, the Most Rev. Hosam Naoum, members of diocesan staff, and leaders at humanitarian institutions across the four countries remains strong. AFEDJ continues to deepen relationships and reach more committed, generous, and compassionate supporters across the United States, while holding true to its mission of transforming the lives of the vulnerable and displaced in the Middle East.

About the Opportunity

children looking at the camera with their thumbs upThe incoming Executive Director (ED) will be responsible for leading the organization through a period of growth and overseeing day-to-day operations. The new ED will understand, value, and articulate the need for support of AFEDJ and balance mission, ethics, and the business aspects of the work through their leadership.

The ED will partner with the Board of Directors to develop and implement a strategic plan to double AFEDJ’s revenue over the next 5 years. Fundraising and donor stewardship will be central  to  AFEDJ’s ability to meet this goal, and the new ED will play a leadership role in raising philanthropic support. It’s anticipated that the ED will hire a Director of Development (DOD) to help lead fundraising efforts. The ED will manage two existing full-time staff—the Communications Director and Development Manager—and several contracted consultants, including Accountant, Senior Grants Officer, Federal Grant Implementation Director and Development Officer. AFEDJ has a physical office in Stamford, CT, but the organization has been operating primarily virtually for the past several years.

A key role for the new ED will be to set development strategy and manage the most important fundraising relationships, including major individual donors, foundations, churches and government agencies. The ED will create and manage the annual organizational budget and be responsible for delivering top and bottom-line results. The ED will also engage with constituents, including spreading the mission of AFEDJ through church sermons and public speaking events and leading the development and implementation of the organization’s church-based education program. The ED will represent AFEDJ on visits to the Middle East, meeting with institutional leaders and staff of the Diocese of Jerusalem. The Executive Director will be the primary liaison to the programs AFEDJ supports in the Middle East and will work with institution leaders in developing fundable projects and programs.

In the first six months, the Executive Director will be responsible for conducting a comprehensive assessment of the organization and presenting recommendations for new goal setting and achievement to the Board of Trustees.

Key Responsibilities

Board Relations

  • woman posing with a group of children Manage Board and Executive Committee (with assistance from the Communications Director or other staff as appropriate)
  • Facilitate and support board committees when needed
  • Conduct Board fundraising training in collaboration with the Director of Development (DOD), once hired
  • Support trustees and Development Committee in their donor stewardship activities (duties will transition to the DOD once hired)
  • Manage AFEDJ Trustee Alumni in collaboration with the DOD


  • Establish overall development strategy including annual planning and budgeting; resource alignment; partner/consultant management; and implementation of the donor stewardship strategy and plan (this will be completed in collaboration with the DOD once hired)
  • Manage a portfolio of 25-30 major donors (individuals, foundations, government agencies and large churches), engaging, cultivating, soliciting and stewarding as appropriate
  • Oversee the ongoing development and implementation of the major gift strategy
  • Oversee the strategy, design, and messaging of the direct mail and online appeals
  • Review appeals and other letters; sign acknowledgement letters of $500+ donors
  • Oversee large grants (e.g., USAID)
  • Write grant proposals when necessary and manage implementation of awarded grants
  • Manage grant officer relationships and the services agency providing end-to-end grant support

External Relations

  • Build and sustain positive, productive relationships with a wide range of partners in the Diocese of Jerusalem, including the Archbishop and his team, program staff, institution leaders and staff
  • Build and sustain strong working relationships with non-profits, religious organizations and NGOs focused on the Middle East and aligned with AFEDJ’s mission
  • Provide strategic and operational support to the programs AFEDJ funds
  • Represent AFEDJ, its mission, and its values credibly and professionally to external audiences
  • Serve as a local, regional, and national spokesperson for AFEDJ
  • Write and deliver presentations/sermons for church outreach functions (in-person and virtual)
  • Create and deliver presentations for a range of audiences (in-person and virtual)

Marketing and Communications

  • Create annual communications plan and goals with Communications Director
  • Review and contribute to all communication vehicles (newsletters, annual reports, videos, etc.)
  • Lead the evolution of the organization’s message platform and oversee content development
  • In collaboration with Communications Director, direct the development and roll-out of AFEDJ’s new education program, called Bearing Witness. Oversee the recruitment and training of a cadre of volunteer program facilitators

Financial Planning and Operations

  • Create annual plans and budgets; manage the annual audit; and work with financial service providers
  • Manage budget review and approval process with finance committee, executive committee and full board
  • Review monthly financial statements and work with the Treasurer to develop board reports
  • Execute monthly transmittals of funds to the Diocese of Jerusalem and monitor use of funds
  • Oversee and manage all business systems and day-to-day organization operations
  • Create and continue to optimize processes and protocols to ensure transparency and accountability in wire transfers to Diocese of Jerusalem and distribution of funds within the diocese

Staff Development and Leadership

  • Build on the organization’s highly collaborative approach to all workstreams
  • Motivate and inspire staff members
  • Provide professional development and growth opportunities to staff members
  • Manage and support individual staff members and team
  • Create agendas for and lead weekly staff meetings
  • Create systems to facilitate team communication and alignment

Program Management

  • In partnership with Communications Director, manage relationships with Diocese of Jerusalem institution leaders and staff
  • Provide regular updates to the Diocese and institutions
  • Conduct regular virtual meetings with Diocese and institution leaders and staff
  • Visit Diocese 3-4 times annually to build relationships, learn about their needs, monitor projects
  • Assist institutions in developing fundable projects and programs

Key Qualifications

  • Passion and enthusiasm for AFEDJ’s mission, rooted in faith, familiarity with the Middle East and sensitivity to its culture
  • Extensive experience with strategic planning, demonstrated fiscal responsibility, and effectiveness in managing internal & external relationships at a nonprofit organization
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills reflecting an ability to adapt communication style to address the needs of different AFEDJ stakeholders
  • Capable of effectively serving as the primary advocate for the organization
  • Proven track record of growing an organization and enhancing its reputation, including experience raising philanthropic support
  • Visionary leader with a strong understanding of the business, community relations, marketing, operational, revenue, and international aspects of an organization like AFEDJ
  • Well-developed managerial, operations, decision-making, planning, organizational, problem-resolution, interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Willingness and ability to be self-sufficient, “roll up one’s sleeves” and do the work
  • Ability to travel to the Middle East 3-4 times per year to meet with the Diocese of Jerusalem’s Archbishop, members of diocesan staff, and leaders at humanitarian institutions which AFEDJ helps to fund
  • Willingness to travel across the U.S. for events and speaking engagements

All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Please email your cover letter and resume in confidence to: afedj@developmentguild.com

Suzanne Battit

Senior Vice President

Development Guild DDI

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