Tackling Big Problems. One Step at a Time.

Drawing on 45 years of experience working with nonprofits, Development Guild has created a new AI tool called DevGuild (www.devguild.com). DevGuild draws on the collective knowledge
of nonprofit stakeholders to rapidly generate strategic plans
aimed at tackling an organization’s biggest challenges.

Why DevGuild


Crowdsource ideas from stakeholders across your nonprofit, from volunteers to board members.
An intuitive, game-like design and interactive host engage participants throughout the process.
Clear Results
In as little as 30 minutes, DevGuild generates a clear, coherent plan with actionable steps for your nonprofit to take.

How Can We…?

We help organizations tackle their biggest problems. Explore the case studies below to see some of DevGuild’s results.


United Nations

How can we create employment opportunities for all?

The Chief Innovation Officer at the United Nations tasked us with creating a plan for establishing full and productive employment opportunities for people of all genders, races, ages, and abilities – especially in the growing field of A.I., robotics and automation.

Columbia University

How can we make college-level education accessible to everyone?

We collaborated with the Dean of Special Projects at Columbia University to create a plan to make college-level education more accessible to students challenged by the cost, distance, time, and support required to attend.

Public Project

How can we best treat people suffering from trauma after a natural disaster?

We challenged our audience to create a mental health care plan for communities suffering in the aftermath of a natural disaster, which won the approval of mental health care professionals.

Tackle Your Group’s Next Big Hurdle

Contact us to discover how DevGuild can help your organization create a path forward.