Day in the Life: Arya Bakhsheshi

Posted June 22, 2023

Arya Bakhsheshi joined Development Guild DDI in 2021 as a Product Manger for our app, DevGuild. We caught up with him recently to hear about his daily routine while working remotely from Los Angeles, CA and why he joined Development Guild.

What does your typical day look like? 

My days usually start with making some tea and a milkshake. After getting ready for the day, I catch up on Microsoft Teams. I check in with my other teammates, who are some hours ahead of me since I’m based in Los Angeles, on what they have worked on since the day before. Then we have our daily meeting with Matt Weber, Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing, and Karin Shedd, Managing Editor, to test DevGuild, discuss ideas and plan for the projects. We are working really hard on creating daily shows where we invite the public to participate in solving some of the world’s biggest problems using DevGuild. 

Then I will usually talk with the frontend team to track the progress on implementation of new features and bug fixes. Depending on our roadmap, I will work on designs throughout the day. At the end of the day, the team has a “standup” meeting, where we discuss the progress that we’ve made throughout the day. After that, Matt and I get on a call to review the designs I worked on and plan for the upcoming days. Then I will also have some follow up meetings with the team.  

In the evening, I usually go for a run or walk with my kitty, and when I get the energy and time I hit the gym or hang out with friends. Then I cook, watch something, and get ready for the next day.   

What brought you to Development Guild DDI? 

One of the reasons I decided to join Development Guild was its commitment to making a positive impact on the world through their work with non-profits. That was a huge plus for me. Of course the app, Devguild, and the idea and vision behind it was the main reason I joined the company. The position combined design and gamification, which really spoke to my experience, so I felt it was a great fit for me. As I expected I’ve had a blast working on the app and seeing it come so far since I joined the team.  

What do you love most about your job? 

I have loved getting involved in the process of designing and planning for the app. I have really appreciated the chance to brainstorm, discuss design, and problem-solve with everyone on the team. I get the chance to work on different aspects of design like user experience, testing, prototyping, visual design, coding and planning. It’s great to collaborate with the dev team while I expanding my skills in all those fields. 

Who do you get to collaborate with?

Matt and the engineers, who are a brilliant team of skilled developers. I work mostly with the frontend team (Patricio and Johnathan) who are so skilled at their work and great collaborators, and I also get to work with Nick and the backend team. I talk a lot with Matt about all aspects of our app daily and I always have a blast brainstorming, and discussing and reviewing mockups, prototypes and designs with him. Lately, Karin has joined the team and I really enjoy collaborating with her on the upcoming shows and the promo videos.  

What aspects of the company culture do you enjoy most? 

I really like our company-wide and team-wide sense of trust and teamwork. In our team, everyone is trusted to tackle new and challenging problems, and are encouraged to develop and hone new skills.  

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