5 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out to Executive Recruiters

by Emily Ames and Mary Plum

Posted February 22, 2022

A strong LinkedIn profile can catch the eye of a recruiter – and might lead to a dream career opportunity! But how do you make your profile stand out from the rest? Our search consultants offer 5 tips…

#1 Include compelling and up-to-date details about each of your roles.

It may be tempting to just include a sentence or two about the organizations you held the roles at, but it’s well worth your while to build out this section with details about your role. Focus on the quantifiable impact and results that you have achieved and not just your day-to-day responsibilities. Be sure, too, to update your profile as your role changes/evolves over time. This will help recruiters get a real sense of your strengths.

#2 Use keywords!

Recruiters often search LinkedIn profiles using keywords so it’s wise to incorporate them into your profile whenever you can. For instance, if you work in fundraising, be sure to name specific areas of expertise, such as major gifts, planned giving, annual fund, etc. This will increase the likelihood of you being contacted for a role that closely aligns with your interests and abilities.

#3 Don’t forget to list volunteer experience and professional groups.

Including volunteer experience and professional groups that you belong to in your profile will give recruiters a clearer picture of your range of interests. Plus, that experience may lead a recruiter to consider you for a role in a certain sector/industry that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

#4 Stay active.

Liking, sharing, and responding to content on LinkedIn can help recruiters get a sense of your interests and perspective.

#5 Be responsive.

Whether or not you are interested in the role a recruiter has contacted you about, do your best to respond promptly. If the role isn’t for you, the recruiter will appreciate (and remember) your timeliness and will be more likely to keep you in mind for future opportunities.

Bonus tip: consider including your contact information if you want to be reached more directly.

While not necessary, listing your email address in your profile can help recruiters connect with you more efficiently. Additionally, the recruiter will be more likely to add your information to their database, which in turn, increases the likelihood of them being in touch about future job opportunities.

• • •

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