Day in the Life: Guirlaine Belizaire

Posted October 20, 2022

Guirlaine Belizaire joined Development Guild as a Senior Consultant in 2021. We caught up with her recently to hear about her daily routine while working remotely from Maryland and what she loves most about Development Guild.

What does your typical day look like?

Guirlaine's day in the lifeThere is no such thing as a “typical” workday, I think. Every day, I find some surprise that stretches and grows, teaches, and strengthens.

There are, however, activities I do my very best to engage in everyday that prepare me to give all I can to colleagues and clients, and be open to the surprises, pivots, and learnings both professionally and personally (though those lines are becoming more and more blurred). Such things as meditation, mindful cooking, walking, being submerged in quiet and nature, and time spent with family (especially children and the furry four-legged ones) and friends.


Day in the Life Video

Guirlaine let us tag along on a typical day working remotely as a nonprofit consultant.

What brought you to Development Guild?

According to my parents, I was born an idealist. The imperative to be of good service to our world and to leave a positive and generative footprint was further nourished by my family and religious upbringing. Caring, sharing, and serving continue to define who I am; indeed, they are the air I breathe and shape me professionally. I began my career of service in the classroom doing everything possible to infuse the next generation with thoughtfulness, passion for the beauty of mathematics, and reverence for the natural world. Desiring to contribute always more broadly, I then stepped into the nonprofit sector, happily engaging with fellow idealists to help make the world a bit better and more equitable place. The unquenchable drive in me to serve ever deeper, and to continue to learn and grow professionally and personally led me to Development Guild, where I am privileged to partner with, learn from, and everyday be inspired by both our extraordinary clients and my amazing colleagues. Further, I very much appreciate the flexibility of working fully remotely, the new and exciting possibilities for meaningful engagement it offers, and its enhancement of my work and commitment to serve with all I have and am.

What do you love most about your job?

The three c’s: colleagues, clients, and candidates. Every day – sometimes multiple times a day – I have the distinct pleasure and privilege to engage in conversation and collaboration with truly exceptional humans motivated at their core by service to humanity.

What aspects of the company culture do you enjoy most?

That we are learners and teachers, doers and people who care and are curious and adventurous. We are a culture that stretches and questions itself, committed to growth and innovations even with its concomitant discomforts and vulnerabilities.

What is your advice for success at Development Guild?

Pace and take exquisite care of yourself. Speak up; your voice and perspectives are crucial.


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