Employee Spotlight icon Employee Spotlight: Tracy Marshall, Senior Vice President, Principal

Posted August 16, 2022

Tracy Marshall rejoined Development Guild DDI in 2011 after a few years pursuing her interest in healthcare fundraising. We caught up with her to discuss her cumulative 15 years at Development Guild and her advice for success at the firm.

What brought you to Development Guild DDI?

The chance to learn about consulting and search. I initially reached out to Development Guild DDI about an open client search and that experience and the relationships I developed led me to being invited to join the firm. I was excited to be given this opportunity and to learn about consulting and search – it was a welcome surprise! The variety of nonprofits we partner with is amazing, and the missions that our work is helping to support is very gratifying.

What does your day to day look like? Who do you collaborate with the most?

two women in conversation walking up stairsMy day is usually made up of meetings with clients and candidate interviews. I also meet with my colleagues who work with me on client projects on a regular basis to be sure that we are on track. Our search teams are usually comprised of a lead staff member and two to three supporting positions that vary by the search, so I am always collaborating with my co-workers.

Within the search side of the practice, we are always sharing innovations and best practices for both high quality client work and candidate engagement. I really value the insights and perspectives of my colleagues.

No day is ever the same, so the variety keeps things fun and interesting.

What has been your career path at Development Guild?

I started as a Consultant, working on both search and fundraising projects. After five years, I left the firm to work in healthcare fundraising, an interest I developed while working with our clients. Development Guild then invited me to return as a Senior Consultant for Executive Search. It was wonderful to return because I had missed doing search. I am now a Senior Vice President and Principal and am responsible for helping to manage the firm and our search practice, while also playing a role in engaging new clients. I also have staff management responsibilities and it is very rewarding to help guide work and career paths at the firm.

What would be your advice for success at Development Guild?

Be open to taking on a variety of tasks so you can get the full picture of consulting work. We hire very talented people and provide real learning opportunities for client-facing work, and our clients and search candidates understand that every member of a project team is playing a key role in the success of the engagement.

What is a cause you’re passionate about?

We have a 2nd rescue dog, Sirius, (yes, named after the Harry Potter character) and it is so heartwarming that there are so many organizations helping to find loving homes for the many dogs who need them. We would have a houseful of rescues if we could!

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