Get to Know Our Vice President of Human Resources

Posted January 21, 2022

Our VP of Human Resources Kate Michaud talks about Development Guild's culture, how the firm has evolved over the years, and her advice for potential employees...

What brought you to Development Guild?

The nonprofit world has always been important for me personally. Development Guild provided an opportunity to weave that purpose into my professional work.  I was interested in growing in the HR field and DG provided a platform to touch upon many facets of HR.  Being part of a smaller organization also gave me the increased access and training I was looking for as a young professional.  DG’s sense of community, drive for success, and commitment to innovation was impressed upon me from day one of my tenure and that still holds true today.        

How has Development Guild evolved since you first joined?

In so many ways! Development Guild has always had a strong culture of growth and a desire to be change agents. That’s clear to see in some of the ways we have evolved over the years, including:

  • Our staff’s expertise and responsibilities are no longer siloed. This means that our fundraising consultants are often trained to be executive search consultants and vice versa. It also means that all staff, no matter their department, title, or level, have the opportunity to make important contributions to our firm’s processes, offerings, and future.
  • We have arranged more formal opportunities to learn from each other through information sharing and team trainings.
  • We have developed new roles, training programs, and performance goals that allow staff to advance their careers more quickly.

And that’s just scratching the surface!

How would you describe Development Guild’s culture? How has the firm been able to maintain/strengthen its culture while becoming virtual?

We have always had an inclusive culture, but that has only strengthened over the last couple of years with the onset of COVID. Working virtually gave us the opportunity to take a step back and really learn what is important to our staff. We are now able to engage with each other on a whole new level. We have created new community building initiatives and utilized more robust technologies to share information and connect with each other (both professionally and personally). Some of my favorite all-staff activities from the past year include Development Guild-themed trivia, a blind wine tasting, and book club!

What do you look for in a potential Development Guild employee?

I love partnering with our team to bring new employees to Development Guild. No matter what role we’re seeking to fill—whether it be a consulting role working directly with our clients or an administrative role managing our processes—we focus on finding someone who is looking to develop professionally, hungry for new learning opportunities, seeking to be part of a dynamic team, and wants to directly or indirectly achieve great outcomes for our nonprofit clients. I value the role I can play in helping bring in new perspectives. Hiring staff who have a fresh way to look at our work adds value and enhances our potential.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in working at Development Guild?

Be ready to stretch yourself, seek out new opportunities to grow your expertise and skills, and have some fun – we’re a welcoming team!

Bonus: Share what you like doing outside of the office!

At this time of the year, I love taking every opportunity to explore the mountains and go alpine skiing with my family.

• • •

Development Guild welcomes professionals at all levels who are committed to advancing social, cultural, educational, and scientific goals, and seeking a firm dedicated to providing them with comprehensive training and serious career paths. Learn more about our current openings on our Join Us page.

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