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Build Out Search Services

As a subset of our Professional Search Services, we provide Build-Out Search Services for fundraising teams, offering a synergistic approach to expanding your team, particularly when preparing for a campaign.

Development Guild DDI leads specialized build-out initiatives for clients looking to capitalize on opportunities associated with the enhancement of day-to-day fundraising activities, or the launch and implementation of a major campaign. These efforts often involve the hiring of multiple professionals – either all at once, in phases, or sequentially.

Our build-out engagements succeed thanks to our staff members’ commitment to immerse themselves in our client’s unique characteristics and culture, and to integrate that understanding with our deep knowledge of fundraising trends and best practices. Because we envision how recruits can excel – both as individuals and across functions – we are able to build teams that possess similar skills or span multiple functions. We approach build-out projects with the same discipline and creativity we bring to all our search engagements; our senior experts collaborate closely with internal human resource and talent managers to establish a viable plan that yields a positive outcome in a timely manner.

Selected Build Out Search Clients